Moose Army Corporation Application

*A full API is required to apply to the corporation. The API will only be accessed by our HR team. If you have any concerns, please reach out to one of the HR Representatives.*
How to Generate an API Key
1.Visit your API management page.
2.The Key required is a FULL API, make sure the dropdown for Characters is selected as “ALL”, make sure the access mask is 1073741823.
3.Fill in “Moose Army Application” as name
4.Under Expires make sure to click the No Expiry Check Box Below. (The corp requires an active API for as long as you a member.)
5.Hit Submit
6.Copy & Paste your Key ID and Verification Code (vCode) into your application.
Key ID sample: 5123456
VID Sample: asdfghjlösdfhsdgsdgsdfqevsadfagasggasgsag